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Safesip - Clear Blue

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Safesip - A revolutionary drinking aid that stops spills and protects drinks. Pack of 2.

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Safesip is a revolutionary drinking aid, suitable for almost any glass, cup, can or mug, it helps to stop your drink from spilling and reduces the need for expensive specialist beakers. Safesip fits on most everyday drinking vessels from 6.5cm to 8cm in diameter.

Simply stretch Safesip over the drinking vessel, pop in a regular drinking straw and drink normally.

Ideal drinks aid for Disabled, Children & Elderley users

Carry drinks with the confidence that they will not spill on your clothes

Safesip allows the user to drink whilst lying down without the liquid pouring out the sides of the vessel

Safesip is dishwasher safe, can be frozen and microwaved and suits hot and cold drinks.


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